October 31, 2009

One Of Thousands To Have Their Facebook Accounts Hacked By Spammers?

If you are one of the thousands out there to have had your Facebook account hacked by spammers, you will delight in reading this article released by Steven Musil (CNET) ZDNET on 10-30-2009. Having 2 computers destroyed by Facebook hackers myself, I most definitely understand and can relate to those of you undergoing this misfortune as well.

"Facebook beats the 'spam king'"

"Here is the real difficult question: if you can only have 5,000 followers on Facebook, how could he have made so many spams to get fined $711 million dollars? Do you think he used a email address harvester and collected emails illegally? But how could he unless he was someone's "friend" on Facebook? Maybe he assumed 110 identities?"

In order to read the entire article on ZDNET, you will need to complete a short member signup. Well worth the signup and superb up-to-date articles to keep you abreast current cyber-news. View my comments to this thread here.


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