October 31, 2009

One Of Thousands To Have Their Facebook Accounts Hacked By Spammers?

If you are one of the thousands out there to have had your Facebook account hacked by spammers, you will delight in reading this article released by Steven Musil (CNET) ZDNET on 10-30-2009. Having 2 computers destroyed by Facebook hackers myself, I most definitely understand and can relate to those of you undergoing this misfortune as well.

"Facebook beats the 'spam king'"

"Here is the real difficult question: if you can only have 5,000 followers on Facebook, how could he have made so many spams to get fined $711 million dollars? Do you think he used a email address harvester and collected emails illegally? But how could he unless he was someone's "friend" on Facebook? Maybe he assumed 110 identities?"

In order to read the entire article on ZDNET, you will need to complete a short member signup. Well worth the signup and superb up-to-date articles to keep you abreast current cyber-news. View my comments to this thread here.

October 30, 2009

Transition From Windows XP to Windows Vista Premium

Alright, I normally do well with new challenges. They usually bring life and excitement to an otherwise boring life. I switched from Windows XP to Windows Vista Premium this last week. Excited? I was. Frustrated? I am :) What was wrong with "Add / Remove Programs" in the Windows Vista control panel? Simple, to-the-point and made perfect sense calling this feature "Add / Remove Programs". Someone thought it made our lives easier to change the name to "Programs And Features". No more "Outlook Express either". Our mail is now called "Windows Mail". Not complaining here, the name fits but it only took me forever and a day to find the program and set it up :) Oh, the Quick Launch from XP. I am a neat-freak and like to have all my icons neatly arranged. In Windows XP, I was able to easily drag my Quick Launch Toolbar to the top of my screen then auto-hide it. After spending way too much time trying to figure this one out on my own, I decided to Google for help. Luckily I ran across this wonderful post written by Deb Shinder:

10 things you'll miss when you upgrade to Vista (and how to get some of them back). Written in 2007. No procrastination on accepting the "NEW", my XP worked perfectly fine and I saw no need to upgrade until my puter died from a horrid virus attack. Overall, Vista has some great new features and has made many security improvements as well. Two years from now, I will have completely learned all the tweaks, work-arounds and fine-tuning. Windows 7 will have worked all their future glitches out. Service packs, security updates, hardware compatibility issues,... we all know the routine. Then it will be time for me to accept the NEW...excited, then frustrated...Deja Vu!

October 22, 2009

Facebook Computer Hack And Virus Attack.

Hi. I have missed all my great friends in the Blog / Contests / Sweeps and Freebies Community. My 2 networked computers (mine and my daughters) were destroyed 5 hours after turning several Facebook computer hackers in for investigation. I had to wait for the funds to purchase a new computer as it was only slightly more expensive to purchase a new computer instead of replacing the hard-drive and motherboard.

Sad that you can't even enjoy a simple game without hackers, viruses and malware. I had AVG, Avira, Spybot & Adware all running and up-to-date. The virus does not get detected as all these programs simply run their daily scans, appear to be up-to-date, ect.... You're computer administrative rights are taken over and the only detectable trace of a virus is extra processes running. Especially SVCHOST & NETWORK processes. The attack itself: My motherboard Bios was flashed and hard-drive crashed with bad sectors. Well, it's great to be back and I look forward to entering all your great giveaways again :) Continue...

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