August 11, 2009

How To Increase Page Rank

This morning I ran across a post with some very good information to increase your "Page Rank". The higher your page rank, the more traffic you receive resulting in more reads to your articles. I have been working on this for some time and I am sure that it takes time but if your want to speed things along here are some great tips.

Nicholas Z. Cardot has shared his list of "40 Ways To Build An Army Of Inbound Links".

"1. Write amazing articles
2. Write a huge list post
3. Offer something for free.
4. Put on a fun contest.
5. Write a critique of something.
6. Demonstrate authority on a subject.
7. Write great link bait.
8. Link to other people’s articles.
9. Talk positive about other bloggers.
10. Thoroughly revise your articles.
11. Have an amazing design on your blog.
12. Think outside the status quo.
13. Write a tutorial.
14. Submit your site to free directories.
15. Submit your site to paid directories.
16. Publish an interview with a leader in your niche.
17. Publish an article about a leader in your niche.
18. Guest blog on other related blogs.
19. Buy a link from another blog owner.
20. Sponsor a post on another blog.
21. Hire someone to build links for you.
22. Post your link in your signature in a forum.
23. Comment on dofollow blogs.
24. Exchange links with a peer.
25. Sign people’s guest books.
26. Ask for a link.
27. Leave your reviews of products you use.
28. Ping Technorati and others with your new articles.
29. Get involved at Yahoo! Answers.
30. Make friends with other bloggers.
31. Create and use a account.
32. Create an about page.
33. Create a contact page.
34. Only post original content.
35. Stay with it for the long haul.
36. Ask your readers to link to your articles.
37. Link to articles that have trackbacks enabled.
38. Make friends with some other bloggers.
39. Don’t be a spammer.
40. Buy a review from another blogger."

Visit the author's post HERE as he has written several more amazing articles! Be sure to to leave a comment to thank him!


icefairy said...

Thanks for the tips. I really need these! I've included your site on my list:)

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