July 11, 2009

What is PR? Can I Do Product Reviews?

What is PR? Can I Do Product Reviews?

There are hundreds or maybe thousands (I have no clue) of new posts written daily by blogger’s. Many topics yes, but within the topics themselves you find them discussing their interests, opinions and views. And more often then what you might think, they are discussing interest in the newest products to reach the market. The “must haves” and “I can’t wait till it’s out!”

Companies offering excellent products look to blogger’s like you and I to review and promote their product. In return for this service you often get to keep the product once it’s been reviewed! Blogger’s fit the perfect profile. They are naturally curious, often opinionated and have a natural gift for gab, gossip or whatever you want to call it.

We post, have followers, and are highly active in the social networks. We have numerous contacts! We buzz across the Internet discussing the newest trends, deals, current sweeps, giveaways, and of course the best new products on the market! Bottom line being we get the word out, the product is highly promoted and a good number of the population has been reached!

Sound fun? Still interested?

I had no clue where to begin or who to contact. I guess I could have just started emailing the blogger’s holding PR’s but that’s rude and many would consider that as Spam. Google searches led nowhere, my kids are raised, and my site is more of a freebie site, most PR’s are Moms testing products for their babies and so forth. So I had pretty much given up on the idea of doing Product Reviews. But this last week while searching for more links to place on my site, I found the “Blog Friendly PR Button" located on Sara's "Reviews & Giveaways" blogspot. I left her a comment thanking here for placing the button there and how grateful I was to find it. She replied and was very kind in giving me some pointers! Well that is pretty much all you need to get started!

You will receive a response email after sign up letting you know what is needed next. I've added it below if you would like to take a quick look:

From: The Blog Friendly PR Team,

Let's get you started. Below is the list of the info we need from you, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can find our badge under Link To Us on the main page of Blog Friendly PR and we would love for you to display it on your site. If you need any help with anything feel free to let me know.

* denotes required fields
Name of Blog*-
Blog URL* -
Description of your blog (around 150-200 words)* -
No. of Subscribed Readers* -
No. of Blogger followers (if applicable) -
Google Page Rank* -
No. of current monthly page stats -
A link to view your page stats (if available)-
Contact info (either your name/email or your name/link to your contact page)* -
Twitter ID -
Links to 3 of your best reviews or writing samples* -
Main category you'd like to be listed in (please only choose one)*There were several to choose from a main category, then are also to choose 2 more from the sub-category list.
If you have not included a 125x125 blog button in your original email, please attach one now. Submissions without blog buttons will not be listed. If you need a basic graphic button made up for a fee of $5.00, please let me know in your response.
YOU BUTTON MUST BE 125 X 125 in size before you will be listed. If you need it re-sized there is a $2.00 charge.

And, last but not least...How did you find Blog Friendly PR?

Jyl (www.blogfriendlypr.com), where we believe that If you think you're too small to make a difference, you've never been in bed with a mosquito!

After reading through the above list, I realized how much I still needed to do and sent a response email with all my questions.

To: Jyl Nipper or any member of the PR Friendly Team.

Thank you so much for your fast reply.Upon reading through the list of information needed from me, I feel I need more time to prepare for these reviews. I've not posted enough writings or reviews to offer any insight to my writing ability or style. I have no clue what my Google rank is or how much traffic I receive to my site. I am certain however; that I can offer my readers an accurate and honest review of products I’ve tested.Meanwhile,I plan to make many visits to the Blog Friendly Website where I know I can find answers to all my questions! And eventually join the ranks of “Product Review” bloggers. Looks like you have an awesome forum! Catch you there!

P.S. I'm wishing to use this data in creating a post for my blog. I think it would be a great intro. Let me know if that's a problem ok? Thanks! Kathy

Jyl responded to my email and I am including it just to show you how awesome and helpful they are at Blog Friendly PR.

“Not a problem at all Kathy. If you have questions that come up feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you get started in any way that we can.

Your Google rank...not sure what browser that you use, but you can Google the key words, “page rank add on” and you will find one that you can add to your browser. They tell you what the rank of any page that you visit is, not just your own.

To find out your subscribers, you can use the Google feed burner, it used to be called Feed Burner I think. You can also ask other blogger’s and most will always be willing to help you with things like that.

Just let me know when you get ready to list. You are still welcome to use the site and contact some of the companies listed to see if they will do a review with you. It never hurts to try. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have been told no just to get a few that say yes." Jyl


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