July 25, 2009

KIDO'Z Kidsafe Web Browser

I am an odd one I know ;) My children are already raised. I have no grand-babies or any on the way but I have a hobby (maybe an addiction?) of downloading all the newest freeware programs, games and cool stuff for kids. I have already downloaded all the nursery rhymes, learn to read, learn to spell, learn Spanish and keep collecting all the Disney films because someday my grand-babies are going to think grandma rocks! Or who knows what the terminology will be by then!

I have always thought it would be wonderful to see someone create a browser just for kids. This last week I received an email introducing me to the new KIDO'Z web browser. The KIDO'Z browser is free to use, free to download and best of all it is completely kid-safe. Needless to say, I now have my own copy of the KIDO'Z web browser to add to my collection! It took me about 2 minutes to download and install this cool kids browser and it's not a memory hog on your system resources either!

Of course, I had to play with a few of the games, puzzles, parental settings and so forth. This browser is great! Your children won't be able to wonder off to any inappropriate sites. KIDO'Z web browser is totally kid-safe and all links within the browser are self-contained. All outside links are blocked. Yet, this browser offers a large variety of fun kid things to do. Children are able to surf sites, play games, and watch video's, read books and so much more. KIDO'Z is simple to use even for the youngest of children because it is point and click and very interactive both
visually and audibly.

For the real test, I had my sister-n-law bring over her twin girls. I turned the browser over to them and of course they loved it! Not only that but, they found games that I had no clue existed? Educational games to challenge their spelling and math skills!

Ready to try this browser for your little ones? Simply Click Here to begin download of your KIDO'Z browse safe internet.


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