July 6, 2009

Blerp! New Tool For Bloggers. Gonna Make Our Lives Soooo Much Easier!

Just found and signed up for blerp! This tool is sooooo cool! Quote: Taken from Blerp's about page HERE."Blerp allows you to start discussions right on top of your favorite websites. Unlike typical web comments, you are in full control. You can post on any webpage you choose, regardless of whether they permit user feedback." <<<==== Not sure I like that idea ;)

"In other words, Blerp transforms the entire Web into one giant forum where everyone can participate. Getting started is as easy as adding a comment, video or photo to a webpage. You can start a new discussion and anyone who’s interested can join in.
You can also share your blerps with your friends. In this way, blerping becomes a social experience, where you can track what your friends are saying all across the web, and they can follow your conversations and join in at any time." I haven't tried out all the features as I just joined like 15 minutes ago. But it sure makes twitter and feeds easier.

You can also add the Blerp Button Widget for your site:

Quoted from: Blerp's Widget page: HERE.The Blerp button is a great tool for site owners and blog publishers:

* Allow your users to give you feedback
* Build community and stimulate discussions on your site
* Generate buzz within the Blerp community
* Drive traffic from Blerp to your website
* Promote content by virally sharing it through Blerp's network

Gonna go check out it's other features now. Hope you do too.


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