June 26, 2009

I love it! Horizontal Dropdown Menubar for Blogger

I have spent endless hours looking for a great horizontal drop-down menu for my blog! I didn't want to upload some Javascript file somewhere in order to do, nor did I want to bother with creating buttons and such to be uploaded to photobucket so my blog would have to go fetch all the images. Anyways. I have tried this one out on a temp blog for now until I have a chance to get all my links in place to implement it on each of my pages. If you happen to use it, be sure to thank this guy for writing such a great post with easy to follow instructions. If your wanting to go check it out just click here.


Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

I am very grateful to you for the information. It very much was useful to me.

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